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To create a garden where Alice dreams of wonderland, isn't it good if there are tools to help make this series of ideas come true? It is very important to decorate your garden.

Everything and detail are important when decorating your garden. The idea is to take the time to make the items you like, and in this list you will find some tools to decorate your garden that will help make your garden stunning and unique at the same time.

And into the real version of Alice in Wonderland, creating a dream garden just need a few of these tools! !

1.Solar Garden Fountain

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Place the Solar Garden Fountain in direct sunlight and watch as this charming, little fountain moves the water, spraying it gently into the air to attract more birds and create a relaxing point of interest in your garden.

Carefully designed to match a wide variety of birdbath finishes, this lovely garden fountain includes 4 different fountain heads that alter the style and pattern of the water as it sprays out of the top of the fountain.

Enjoy the soothing, tranquil sounds of running water and take delight in the pleasure it gives to your feathered friends.

To use, simply place the fountain into the water, with the solar panels facing up and into the sun. The fountain will automatically run, every day. Attached to the bottom of your garden fountain are suction cups that can be adhered to the bottom surface of your birdbath or pond, keeping it from floating around freely.

2.LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

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The LED Flame Effect Light Bulb, is the safe and ideal alternative to an open fire or candle. Artificial, but realistic, this Flame LED Bulb features the dynamic movement of a real flame, to perfectly simulate that of natural flames. The flame light is vivid, but without the risks associated with real fire.

Warm flames decorate your space to give you a quiet, romantic and relaxing moment.

On a table, in a sconce outside, or just about anywhere else and prepare to be mesmerized as they dance and flicker just like real flames.

3.Gardening digging gloves

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This professional gardening glove can quickly and easily dig and flip the soil without the use of tools and protecting your hands. Integrated claws make it easy to dig dirt, transfer plants faster or start seedlings. Ideal for picking fruits and controlling tricky stems.

They are also flexible enough to keep your hands free and let you work more efficiently in the garden. There are no problems dealing with small objects such as seeds and weeds.

These gloves are waterproof and easy to clean and clean after use. Just rinse off, they won't get dirty, keep your hands dry, clean and protected.

With the arrival of spring and gardening seasons, gloves will be the perfect gift for gardeners in your life!

These adjustable gloves protect your hands from blisters, cuts, injuries and even excessive moisture. They are comfortable and flexible enough to keep your hands free and make your gardening a breeze!

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