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Bunions are caused by misalignment in your big toe. This shift causes excess pressure in the joint of your big toe and pushes it outward, away from your foot, creating the trademark large, bony lump on the inside of your foot.

When you have a bunion, your feet will never let you forget it. Wearing a slightly too tight shoe or a shoe made of an unforgivable material, the bones on the inside of the big toe joint become inflamed and painful.

However, this does not mean that you need to ask for ugly orthopedic shoes!!

People often wear inappropriate shoes instead of choosing the best sandals for bunions or loose sneakers, which can cause more pain. Especially in the summer, you want to feel comfortable and confident in your shoes.

Introduce a sandal here - help relieve your pain~

This sandal is not only amazing, it also helps to fix your foot posture!

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Bunion Corrector Platform Sandals Can correct your posture and give your body the best comfort! Sandal repositions the skeletal position by repositioning the angled toe and removing muscle imbalance by moving the angled toes back to their original position.

These Bunion Corrector Platform Sandals are designed for both sleek and medical use, by realigning the skeletal system for posture correction by moving the toe or other angled toes back to their natural position!

Wearing uncomfortable shoes every day can cause pain in your feet, bunions, and, even worse, misalignment of your toes can affect your body posture! Provides superior foot comfort without sacrificing style, it is available in a variety of colors! Perfect for casual wear or rest at home!

Why are these sandals great?

Relieve pain: Eliminate pain caused by flat feet, poor gait and plantar fasciitis.

Posture Correction: Correct the hips by adjusting the structure of the foot to correct knee and muscle imbalance.

Uniform pressure distribution: Our three-arched design ensures that your weight is evenly distributed throughout your toes, arches and football.

Harm toe: Align, straighten and align your toes.

Comfortable shoes: High-quality materials make your feet soft, ideal for everyday footwear

Helps prevent surgery: Designed to relieve the pressure of the bunion and move the angled toes back to their natural position while re-adjusting the skeletal system for posture correction.

Longevity: It will coordinate and balance your feet, make sure your feet are as perfect as possible, and provide you with an internal balance that your body needs to work together!

These Bunion Corrector Platform sandals are available in 5 colors,

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