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When I stayed up late, I grew up with a lot of acne and dark circles. The big eyes that I used to be proud of are getting more and more ugly. Everyone found my bags under my eyes, edema, blackheads on my face, acne, acne, etc.

But think about it, everything is rational. The way people want to eliminate various skin problems is different. Over the years, because of my ignorance, I have gone astray on the road of beauty skin many times. I spent a lot of money, but I got a painful lesson, such as "The pores are getting bigger and bigger".

Never squeeze with your hands, don't use tearing products!

Once, after using it, I indulged in the joy of cleansing my face.... But! Good is short-lived, but the result is bitter! The most terrible thing is that it will seriously damage your skin barrier and pores, make your pores bigger and bigger, and then more and more blackheads, acne marks, etc., continue to vicious circle, long-term use may be able to put the sesame in pores ! Don't ask me how I know it!

How is blackhead produced?

Blackheads are embolizations formed by the exfoliation and mixing of oil secreted by the sebaceous glands and epidermis. In short, blackheads are the clogs things of our pores!

So to solve the skin problem from the root cause, the most important thing is cleaning and massage!

Even if you apply more skin care products, and use more expensive skin care products, it is a waste if the pores are not cleaned.  Click here to buy

This Derma Skin Scrubber Pen:

It is a very safe ultrasonic vibration technology, which can atomize the medium into blisters, comfortably and gently adhere to the skin, keep the skin at a certain humidity, and then turn on the vibration. In the continuous vibration, the tiny bubbles can be "bursted" continuously. Click here to buy

Then go to "attack" the deep dirt in your pores, crack the dirt into small particles, and then scrape them off with a scraper. In fact, the principle is like washing teeth to break the calculus, but the difference is that this style It is gentle and does not harm the skin at all, not destroying the skin barrier.  Click here to buy

At the same time, it can refine the skin to achieve a lustrous and translucent skin. In particular, skin care products such as beauty liquids need to be added. Guided by ultrasound and ions, it can reach the muscle base directly more efficiently, which is more effective than the traditional palm tapping method. Click here to buy

The selected skin pieces are safe, not allergic, and sensitive muscles are not afraid! With this, various skin problems such as dry skin and water shortage are easily sensitive, and oily skin tends to become better. Click here to buy

Confuse for you:

Maybe you will be a bit confused, so is this used every day? If so, will this frequently cause more serious damage to the stratum corneum of the skin barrier?

In fact, if it is a stubborn blackhead, it may be used frequently. The rest of the time can be about 2 or 3 times a week, and this has 3 modes:

Derma Skin Scrubber Pen

One is the cleaning mode, which is specially used to clean blackheads, etc., and the pores are cleaned to promote the absorption of skin care products! Click here to buy

The second is a moisturizing mode that can be used when applying the essence, providing a strong micro-massage to heat the skin tissue through safe and gentle ultrasonic vibrations, thereby helping the skin care product penetrate deeper into the skin tissue. Click here to buy

The third is the promotion mode, which is to increase the cleaning power, clear all the blackheads, so the key to the use is to look at each person's skin, and then repeat here, this will not to hurt your skin! Sensitive skin can be used, please rest assured to use it! Click here to buy

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