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Every time I go abroad for a business trip, find someone to ask for directions, and use hands gesture? By guess? Use a cumbersome translation app? All kinds of means are used. I am sure, I am not the only one that can not speak the mother tongue and feel like a dumb!

For those who go abroad for a short period of time, the translation app on the mobile phone may be enough, but for older people or people who travel frequently in different countries, these translation apps are a bit cumbersome to use.

Although English is an international language, the cruel truth is that locals are not familiar with English!

So if you want to know how to overcome the barriers to communication, you are not alone. There is a smart voice translator, which means you can speak 41 languages in 2 seconds! This is an incredible device that can completely stifle language barriers.

Since then, I have been holding a translation stick and not afraid to travel all over the world.

It makes this great product a must-have for the world's travellers!

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What magical features does it have?


1. Translate any and all major languagesby simply speaking through a voice translator. Experience two-way instant voice translation in over 30 languages!

2. This highly innovative and real-time voice translator can translate English, Chinese, Japanese, etc. It can be used to learn language, travel, business, company meetings, etc. Translation uses intelligent speech recognition technology to translate recordings into text and simultaneously transmit them into speech output.

You speak into the device, and it spits out your sentence in your desired language almost instantly, with 90% accuracy.

3. It weighs only 0.18kg, it is light enough to fit in your pocket or hung around your neck. And the device has high sound quality, no noise, compact structure and is more portable.

How to use it?

(1) The mobile phone connects Wifi, or mobile network, scan the QR code on the product and download the translation APP of XTranslator;

(2) Set the App according to the Instruction.

(3) Power on the translator; Then open the Bluetooth and connect the device "XTranslator" with your phone; Open APP, it will scan and find the "XTranslator" device.

(4) There is a menu bar in APP, and the language of more than 40 countries can be selected.

(5) After choosing the translated language, press the button A on the translation stick to start the recording, release the button after the speech is finished, and check the translation results on APP for about 1 second, the translator recognizes the speech as a text, then translates it into a foreign language and plays.

Attention: The speech translate function needs cellular date or WIFI, please make sure that your phone's network is connected. When there is a poor network, the translator maybe delays or no function.

If you are looking for the best travel translation, then this Multi-Language Smart Voice Translator is what you need.

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