Baby diaper replacement pad

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Very beautiful and practical design. Spreading is a diaper pad. When you take your baby out of the door, use a public diaper changing station to put it on top, without worrying about health issues. The diaper can be stored in a bag next to it and there is also a separate space for the wipe. It looks small, a beautiful handbag that doesn't take up space in the Mummy bag. You can also hook it on your baby's stroller.

recommend! Bring this small handbag, whether it is in the public nursery of the mall or on the plane, the baby suddenly has to change diapers, and will not worry.

Item type: Replace mat and cover
Size: medium
Material: cotton
Suitable age: 19-24 monthsA_3290685074
Quantity: one piece
Size: Folded to 18 * 16 / Extended Size: 70 * 50
Category: Replacement Pad & Cover

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